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Don't hesitate to contact us today! Phone: 973-677-7614

Helping your toddlers discover their potential

Children can easily absorb information from their environment. That is why during their formative years, they must be exposed to age-appropriate activities to successfully develop their skills and enhance their knowledge about the world. Our fun-fused learning curriculum will involve enrichment activities for their vocabulary, eye-hand coordination, concentration and focus, independence and discipline, and analytical skills.

A clean, healthy, and engaging atmosphere is our primary goal, and we strive to assist children in developing their physical abilities through a variety of activities. By recognizing and expressing positive emotions, we help children build trust and confidence with their teachers. Our daily updates keep parents up to date on their child’s day-to-day activities and progress.

Activities Included

  • Scheduled Feeding Time
  • Action Songs and Group Singing
  • Toys that Help Develop Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Bonding with Peers and Caregiver
  • Low Caregiver to Infant Ratio
  • Stacking Blocks Activities
  • Story Telling
  • Periodic Change of Diapers (or as needed)
  • Safety Supervision and Health Care
  • Plays and Puppet Shows
  • Consultations for Sleeping Habits (for Parents)

Get in Touch

Feel free to call our line at 973-677-7614 for inquiries and concerns. We’d love to assist you and your little ones through this crucial step to learning and success.

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