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Don't hesitate to contact us today! Phone: 973-677-7614

Let your kindergarteners learn and grow with us.

One Step Ahead Learning Center aims to prepare your children for higher levels of education. Our Kindergarten program is a great opportunity for your little ones to gain valuable competencies useful for higher education by facilitating the following activities:

  • Penmanship Exercises and Writing Activities
  • Counting Exercises
  • Addition and Subtraction Exercises
  • Learning How to Follow Directions
  • Arts and Graphics
  • Fun Science Experiments
  • Sports Activities
  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Educational Field Trips (with approval from parents)
  • Music Class and Group Singing
  • Introduction to Telling Time

Get in Touch

Activities are not limited to this list. Feel free to call our line at 973-677-7614 for inquiries and concerns. We’d love to assist you and your little ones through this crucial step to learning and success.

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